• Feb. 24: The Art of Wakanda Black Panther Event in Durham, NC

    You’ve seen Black Panther, right? Right?! Well, if you haven’t, you might want to get on that.

    I’m heading to the first of six events in the Take Notes: Black Panther Panel Discussions series that will be hosted all across Durham, NC from February through April. The event this Saturday is hosted at the American Tobacco District starting at 10:30am.  It will focus on the visual inspirations and labor within the film as well as the comic book history of the character. Local artists are displaying their work before the panel begins. I would have attended anyway, but this doubles as my first assignment as an ABC11 Community Influencer!

    EDIT: Check out the final article here along with a video of our morning.

  • January 11-13: Three Panels at IllogiCon VII in Cary, NC!

    One of my favorite cons is coming up this weekend. Have you gotten your tickets? Here’s my schedule in case you want to come visit and geek out about media, books, comics, and identity. These are 4 of my most favorite things.

    • Friday at 10pm: “Ships” for the Ages: Pop Culture Pairings (18+):  Join Color of Fandom for this 18+ panel about the most titillating relationships in our fave books, TV shows, and movies!
    • Saturday at 5pm: Fanfiction: Fun and Fundamentals: Fanfic! What it is and why do we love it?
    • Sunday at 1pm: Casting Castigations (I’ll be moderating): Whitewashed casting is still a thing. Is it getting better? Worse? What does “better” even mean when actors of color aren’t given credit for having “mainstream appeal”?
  • Nov. 3-4: HASTAC 2017 in Orlando, FL

    I’ll be attending HASTAC for the first time this year and I’m really excited, y’all. I’ve been waiting to be able to attend this conference for several years and the waiting is made even more intense by the fact that they only run HASTAC every other year. Here’s what I’ll be attending this weekend in Orlando:

    • Any and all panels related to Fan Studies and digital communities, of course.
    • Anything related to new storytelling media tools, like Twine.
  • Sept 30-Oct 1: Surprise Panel at GeekGirlCon ’17 in Seattle, WA

    Surprise! I’ll be on Geek Mythology at GeekGirlCon this Sunday, Oct 1 at 10am in the Korra room.

    “Join an exploration of world mythologies and folklore in popular culture. We’ll cover the ubiquity of mythology, the universality of the “Hero’s Journey,” and the accuracy of mythological representation. We’ll also discuss why humans keep retelling the same stories and how storytellers can explore cultural mythologies respectfully and authentically.”

    I was already in Seattle for my #GeekGirls research and ended up sitting next to one of the  2018 Con Board members at the Women of Color Meetup hosted by BlackGirlNerds event Saturday night. She heard me talking about my love for mythology and tricksters and asked if I’d fill in for a missing panelist the next day. Of course I said yes! I love my trickster-figures. The panel room was filled and we had a great round of questions afterwards. #LifeOfAGeek

  • July 15-16: Two Panels at Raleigh SuperCon in Raleigh, NC

    I’m in the middle of getting ready for Raleigh SuperCon 2017! I’ll be hanging out around the con all weekend and on the two panels below. Can’t wait to see all of the cosplayers – did y’all know Raleigh has a ton of Steven Universe fans? Catch me while I faint!

    • 11:00 am – 12:00 pm, Room 205: Representation Matters – I’m moderating with the Color of Fandom!
      • “Join us as we discuss why representation matters and where representation goes awry. Geek media, including comics, movies, TV and games are becoming more inclusive but there is still more to be done. Join us as we discuss why representation matters and where representation goes awry with our version of the Bechdel test.”
    • 2:45 pm – 3:45 pm, Room 306C: Whitewashing Media – panelist with Erley Titus and Charlie Rocket Cosplay
  • June 3: Panel at ResistanceCon in Durham, NC

    This is a new panel topic for me, but one close to my heart. If you’re around Durham this Saturday, come support us and ResistanceCon! This is their first year and I’m looking forward to the community we’ll find.

    • Saturday, June 3 at 3pm in Hall A: Intersectional Comics with Kenya Easley, representing The Color of Fandom


  • March 17-18: NC Comic Con: Oak City in Raleigh, NC

    Happy to announce I’ll be on two panels this weekend at NCCC: Oak City. Come join in the fun!

    • Saturday from 3:30 – 4:30: Whitewashed Casting with Charlie Rocket Cosplay, Adachi Trieu, and Erley Titus
    • Sunday from 12:30 – 1:30: Representation Matters with The Color of Fandom
      • Come check us out as we talk diverse storytelling across science fiction and fantasy media, books, and comics! We’re pretty. We’re smart. We think about this stuff a lot. It’s gonna be a good time.
  • January 13-15: Two Panels at IllogiCon VI in Cary, NC

    This year I’m so excited for IllogiCon. Why, you ask? Because my partner is doing an amazing job as the Con Chair and also because he had the GREAT foresight to invite Daniel José Older as our Guest of Honor. I was lucky enough to hang out with Daniel at the Guest of Honor dinner and, y’all…y’all…he is the real deal. He is fam and he is genuine and he is a gift to us all. What do you call someone who inspires you and gives the best writing advice that you need to hear on the deepest of levels?

    Here are my panels for the weekend. Come geek out with us!

    • Saturday from 1pm – 2pm: Representation Matters with The Color of Fandom and a surprise addition – Daniel José Older himself!
    • Saturday from 6pm – 7pm: Whitewashed Casting with Tabitha Stark (Charlie Rocket Cosplay), Erley Titus, and Darin Kennedy
  • July 14-15: Panel at ConGregate in High Point, NC

    My first fan panel ever and I’m beyond ready and excited. I’ll be presenting with the Color of Fandom, the local fan group I just joined earlier this year. I’m on a panel with some of the smartest, most fun geeks I know. We’re talking about diversity (race/gender/sexual orientation/ability) in science fiction and fantasy. Because if you’re imagining whole worlds and futures, why not make them gorgeously diverse?!

    • Saturday at 12:30 – Representation Matters with the Color of Fandom. I’ll be the one dressed like a TARDIS.