• YA Contemporary Fantasy Series

    I am so proud to announce that my YA Contemporary Fantasy debut series has been bought by Simon Pulse/Simon Schuster and will be published!


    I’m so excited to announce that myย essay about growing up Black, female, and geeky will be featured in OUR STORIES, OUR VOICES: 21 YA Authors Get Real About Injustice, Empowerment, and Growing Up Female in America, an anthology edited by Amy Reed and published by Simon Pulse/Simon & Schuster for Fall 2018 release.

    Y’all, Amy Reed praised my essay, saying:


    I’ve continued to beย hauntedย by your words and your story…I loved your essay for so many reasons–the interplay of humor and seriousness, the vulnerability, the great writing. What I especially loved was the liberating power of art, how you found your voice and a sense of belonging in a creative community. That’s a theme that’s coming up a lot in this anthology, and such a powerful message for readers who are feeling lost or marginalized. There is room for everyone in art. There is so much hope in that.”

    — Amy Reed, author of THE NOWHERE GIRLS

    Pre-order links are live!