January 11-13: Three Panels at IllogiCon VII in Cary, NC!

One of my favorite cons is coming up this weekend. Have you gotten your tickets? Here’s my schedule in case you want to come visit and geek out about media, books, comics, and identity. These are 4 of my most favorite things.

  • Friday at 10pm: “Ships” for the Ages: Pop Culture Pairings (18+):  Join Color of Fandom for this 18+ panel about the most titillating relationships in our fave books, TV shows, and movies!
  • Saturday at 5pm: Fanfiction: Fun and Fundamentals: Fanfic! What it is and why do we love it?
  • Sunday at 1pm: Casting Castigations (I’ll be moderating): Whitewashed casting is still a thing. Is it getting better? Worse? What does “better” even mean when actors of color aren’t given credit for having “mainstream appeal”?