Sept 30-Oct 1: Surprise Panel at GeekGirlCon ’17 in Seattle, WA

Surprise! I’ll be on Geek Mythology at GeekGirlCon this Sunday, Oct 1 at 10am in the Korra room.

“Join an exploration of world mythologies and folklore in popular culture. We’ll cover the ubiquity of mythology, the universality of the “Hero’s Journey,” and the accuracy of mythological representation. We’ll also discuss why humans keep retelling the same stories and how storytellers can explore cultural mythologies respectfully and authentically.”

I was already in Seattle for my #GeekGirls research and ended up sitting next to one of the  2018 Con Board members at the Women of Color Meetup hosted by BlackGirlNerds event Saturday night. She heard me talking about my love for mythology and tricksters and asked if I’d fill in for a missing panelist the next day. Of course I said yes! I love my trickster-figures. The panel room was filled and we had a great round of questions afterwards. #LifeOfAGeek