January 13-15: Two Panels at IllogiCon VI in Cary, NC

This year I’m so excited for IllogiCon. Why, you ask? Because my partner is doing an amazing job as the Con Chair and also because he had the GREAT foresight to invite Daniel José Older as our Guest of Honor. I was lucky enough to hang out with Daniel at the Guest of Honor dinner and, y’all…y’all…he is the real deal. He is fam and he is genuine and he is a gift to us all. What do you call someone who inspires you and gives the best writing advice that you need to hear on the deepest of levels?

Here are my panels for the weekend. Come geek out with us!

  • Saturday from 1pm – 2pm: Representation Matters with The Color of Fandom and a surprise addition – Daniel José Older himself!
  • Saturday from 6pm – 7pm: Whitewashed Casting with Tabitha Stark (Charlie Rocket Cosplay), Erley Titus, and Darin Kennedy